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Playing at Barry's Old School Irish in Webster, NY
As a starving musician and college student, Sean went through all the normal channels to look for gigs- friends, the local music scene, Craigslist... It was there that he found Sarah's ad, seeking a fiddle player for another music project she was involved with at the time. 
The two met and discovered there were far fewer than six degrees of separation between them (such as the fact that Sean went to the same elementary school that Sarah teaches at)! They started playing at Barry's Old School Irish in Webster, a small Irish pub that had just opened, and quickly became a fixture there, playing on Friday evenings.  It was a match made in heaven- the pub needed live music, and the band needed a venue.  

"We would show up on any day and play until they kicked us out (which was never). They were extremely patient with us as we worked on adding new tunes to our repertoire, sometimes suffering through the same tunes 2-3 times per night.  When it came time to name our band, we wanted to pay homage to the wonderful people at Barry's so we named our band Barry's Crossing. They are far more than our friends. We consider them family."
They rapidly built a small, but loyal following of fans and began calling themselves Barry's Crossing to pay homage to the Irish pub that gave them their start.

The Duo

Sean Rosenberry (Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals)

Sean began loving Irish fiddle at the age of 5 when his father gave him a cassette tape of the local Irish duo The Dady Brothers. After listening to the tape so much that he wore it out, he began playing fiddle at the age of 10 and hasn't looked back since. He has since studied classical violin in college and and loves to pick up and play just about any instrument that he can get his hands on. At the moment he dabbles with around 10 or 11 different ones, including tenor banjo, ukulele and recorder.

Sean teaches elementary general music in Rochester, as well as keeping a private studio of violin and viola students. In his free time, he studies classical ballet and volunteers with his local fire department.


Sarah King (Keyboard, Vocals)

Sarah's first memory of music was when she was 7, watching a grand upright piano being rolled into the living room and being told that she was going to take piano lessons. She studied with many fine teachers over the years who inspired her to audition for the Eastman School of Music where she graduated with a degree in music education.  

Her experience with Irish music has only been developed within the past few years
when she began hanging out at Irish festivals.  Having always taken traditional music
lessons where music is read from a page, Sarah's greatest challenge has been
learning to play by ear. Ironically, this is the exact opposite way that Sean best learns music.

Sarah teaches elementary general music and keeps a private studio of piano and voice students. In her spare time she enjoys doing Crossfit, rock climbing, crocheting, and chucking bottle caps at Sean.

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